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Half of women ashamed to talk to doctors about the menopause: Many say they feel the change is something they just have to ‘put up with’

Article by Ben Spencer for Mail Online More than two in five women said symptoms were worse than expected Over a third confessed they felt they just had to put up with menopause Doctors warned women are missing out on … Continue reading

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Advice on calming hot flushes by Dr Sarah Jarvis

Article in Good Housekeeping by resident GP, Dr Sarah Jarvis Forget opening windows, stripping off or mumbling: ‘Is it me or is it hot in here? When it comes to hot flushes, key lifestyle and diet changes can help you … Continue reading

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Revealed: Why the menopause causes such awful mood swings – and it’s all down to parents’ genes FIGHTING each other

Article in the Daily Mail by Fion MacRae – Researchers from the UK and Japan discovered that a woman’s genes are conflicted during the menopause, resulting in side effects – A woman’s paternal genes are pushing for an earlier menopause, … Continue reading

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