Herbs for Summer

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Article on www.vitfacts.co.uk by Jane Garton

Easy to grow and ideal for adding flavour to cooking, here’s our pick of the bunch for health.

Fresh herbs at your fingertips are among the best things about summer. Grow them in a pot on your windowsill or patio or in a special corner of the garden. As well as adding flavour to salads and hot weather foods, they can help ward off summer ills and boost health.

Try: MINT… to help ease indigestion and bloating Menthol, the active ingredient in mint, stimulates the production of bile as well as relaxing the stomach muscles, both of which help to improve digestion. Grow it This striking plant with distinctive white veined leaves grows best in well-drained soil in a sunny position.

THYME… to boost immunity and soothe a sore throat Rich in the volatile oil thymol, thyme has powerful antiseptic, antibiotic and anti fungal properties. It is good for summer coughs, throat and chest infections. Grow it With its colourful, fragrant foliage, thyme likes a sunny spot and a well-drained, slightly stony soil. It is best to start off with plants, which you can also grow in pots filled with compost.

SAGE… to cool down hot flushes and night sweats Traditionally associated with longevity, sage is rich in plant oestrogens. Made into an infusion, it may help to combat hot flushes and night sweats and can also be used as a gargle and mouthwash for sore throats. Rubbing fresh sage leaves onto insect bites and stings can also help to bring relief. Grow it Start with plants, which will need a light pruning in the summer after flowering to encourage a bushy growth. The leaves should be harvested just before the plant starts to flower

LAVENDER… for pain relief and insomnia Lavender contains chemical compounds that are thought to help relieve pain and reduce irritability. It can be used to soothe burns, bites and stings as well as to ease insomnia. A few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillowcase can help to bring sweet dreams. Grow it Start with plants, which can be grown in pots filled with gritty compost or in a sunny spot with well-drained soil. If growing in pots allow the compost to almost dry out between watering and keep on the dry side in winter. Lavender should be harvested in summer just as the petals start to open

VALERIAN … for stress and sleeplessness Sometimes described as nature’s tranquiliser, valerian contains valerenic acid and substances known as iridoids, which are thought to help calm the nerves and promote sleep. Grow it This pretty plant, which produces large clusters of vanilla-scented white or pink flowers in the summer, thrives in a moist or well-watered soil in a sunny or partially shaded position. You can start off with seeds or plants. Once established, you should cut back stems as the flowers fade to prevent plants from self-seeding.  For traditional herbal medicines containing Valerian, try www.bonuit.co.uk or www.niteherb.co.uk

LEMON BALM – for relaxation Volatile oils, such as citral and citronella, give lemon balm anti-spasmodic properties, which can have a calming effect on the central nervous system. Grow it Instantly recognisable by its fragrant leaves, lemon balm thrives in any well-drained soil in a sunny spot. You can start off with seeds or plants. Regularly trimming the shoots will keep plants bushy and produce the tastiest leaves. They can be used dried or fresh to make an infusion.

To read more articles on about herbs, vitamins and minerals visit www.vitfacts.co.uk

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The key to avoiding flu? Taking a CHILL pill! Stress damages the immune system, making us more prone to infections


Article in the Daily Mail by Alexander Chaitoff and Joshua Daniel

  • Stress hurts the immune system and ‘opens the door to infections’
  • It produces corticosterone, which suppresses the immune system 
  • So the trick to fighting off the flu this winter may be to reduce stress
  • Can be done by working out, seeing a therapist or relaxing , experts say

Along with snow and frigid temperatures, the winter months also bring coughs, colds and the flu. 

Lower respiratory tract infections, the ones that cause feelings of chest congestion despite the deepest coughs, are one of the top 10 causes of death in the United States and around the world. 

In the U.S. the flu alone kills thousands of people each year. 

Avoiding the flu or catching a cold in the winter months can be tough, but there is something you can do in addition to getting the flu shot and washing your hands: Relax. 

For there’s strong evidence that stress affects the immune system and can make you more susceptible to infections. 

 Read more here
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Artichokes could ease IBS misery

Thisilyn Artichoke

Feature in Daily Mail

Could artichokes ease symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome?  That’s the suggestion from Tunisian researchers who analysed data on the vegetable’s health benefits.

Though they said the research wasn’t definitive, it seems that liquid extracts of artichoke roots and leaves can help bowel and digestive problems, reports the journal Plant Foods for Human Nutrition.

A two-month study at Reading University involving 208 adults with IBS and indigestion found that a daily artichoke extract reduced incidence by 26.4 per cent.

The researchers also suggested artichoke could protect the liver and may reduce the risk of heart disease.  The vegetable contains antioxidants including cynarin, known to stimulate bile production, which the body needs for digesting fat and absorbing vitamins.

Try Thisilyn Artichoke – to help maintain healthy digestion

Each tablet contains standardised extract of Artichoke Leaf 320 mg.

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Antibiotics DON’T cure flu and bacteria NOT humans become resistant, say WHO experts – as they warn of ‘post-antibiotic era’ where common colds will kill again

shutterstock_308721038 Antibiotics Nov15

Article in the Daily Mail by Lizzie Parry

  • WHO launches new campaign to raise awareness of antibiotic resistance
  • Survey reveals 64% of people think the drugs can treat colds and flu
  • But antibiotics have no impact at all against viruses – only bacterial illness
  • Experts warn without urgent action we’re heading for ‘post-antibiotic era’
  • Say with increasing resistance, common colds and infections will kill again 

People across the world are naive to the ‘major’ threat posed by antibiotic resistance, world health chiefs said today.

Antibiotic resistance happens when bacteria change, mutating to become resistant to the drugs used to treat the infections they cause.

Over-use and misuse of antibiotics increases the development of resistant bacteria, the World Health Organisation warned.

Without urgent action, we are heading for a post-antibiotic era, in which common infections and minor injuries can once again kill, it said.

Read full article here

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Lost your sense of humour? You may be sleep deprived

shutterstock_178945985 Sad Clown Nov15From Daily Mail Article by Helen Foster


  • 25 per cent of people get less than five hours’ sleep a night

  • We reveal the more subtle signs that you could do with an early night

  • You’re more likely to come down with a cold than those sleeping for 7 hours+

  1.  You get every cold and virus going
  2. Jokes are lost on you
  3. You sound like a robot
  4. Aches and pains seem worse
  5. Alcohol goes to your head
  6. People tell you to cheer up
  7. You eat more than usual
  8. You forget yet information
  9. You feel sleepy at elevenses

Read full article here

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Do YOU wake up in the night and can’t get back to sleep?

Insomnia 1
Article featured in the Daily Mail by Charlotte Watts

Expert reveals the best ways to nod off all night – from eating bread and bananas to listening to boring podcasts

– Eating a snack before bed can keep blood sugar levels stable at night
– Foods like bananas, lentils, figs and tuna contain calming serotonin
– Writing a diary can help stop racing thoughts and allow us to relax
– Sleep affects stress, skin and immunity and lack of it compromises health

Read full article here

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People with coughs and colds told not to go to their doctors due to fears that too many are being prescribed antibiotics

Article in the Daily Mail by Josh White

– Patients are being urged not to go to their GP with coughs or colds
– Move seen as latest attempt to tackle the over-prescribing of antibiotics
– Guidance from the health watchdog instructs public to rest at home, take fluids and painkillers and, if necessary, see the pharmacist

Patients are being urged not to go to their GP with coughs or colds in the latest attempt to tackle the over- prescribing of antibiotics.

Guidance from the health watchdog instructs the public to rest at home, take fluids and painkillers and, if necessary, see the pharmacist.

Nice also wants children to be taught at school about the dangers of using antibiotics too often. They must learn that the drugs cannot cure coughs, colds, headaches or hayfever.

Read full article here

A Natural Alternative to Antibiotics available from pharmacies
Kaloba drops 50ml NEW right facig
The authors of several clinical trials have concluded that Using Kaloba Pelargonium Cough & Cold Relief (EPs 7630) can minimise the inappropriate use of antibiotics for respiratory tract infections, reducing not only the risks of such therapy but also the costs of treatment.

Kaloba is Child-friendly too….

Unlike many other remedies, Kaloba is suitable for use in vulnerable groups such as asthmatics and children. Clinical trials found that Kaloba was safe for use as a first-line treatment to relieve the symptoms of coughs and colds in children as young as six. A recent study has also shown Kaloba significantly reduces the frequency of asthma attacks in children during upper respiratory tract viral infections.

For more information on Kaloba, click here

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