From coughs and colds to migraine and insomnia, find the natural remedy that’s right for you

Article from Healthista, by Anna Magee. Posted September 10, 2018

From sleep problems to coughs and colds, no one likes popping medication unless they have to and now even doctors are urging us to opt for natural remedies first

Whether it’s a cough or cold, hangover or sleep issue, it’s all too tempting to pop analgesics or head to your doctor demanding medication to just feel normal again.

But while the natural world hasn’t quite got to curing serious illnesses hat need prescribed medication and treatment,, such as cancers and heart disease, problems such as insomnia or a cold-related cough – well, nature has often got it covered and often with the science to prove it.

In fact, just recently new draft guidelines prepared by Public Health England (PHE) and the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) urged doctors to educate their patients about alternatives to antibiotics and over-the-counter medications when it came to coughs and colds.

Public Health England have urged doctors to educate patients about alternatives to antibiotics

According to the NICE draft guidance, honey and cough medicines containing natural substances such as pelargonium have been proven to help cough symptoms settle.

Opting for such natural solutions instead of antibiotics as a first line of defence could not only help symptoms, it could potentially help halt the growing public health problem of antibiotic resistance in which more and more infections become resistant to antibiotic treatments because of their overuse, the experts said.

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