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Half of women ashamed to talk to doctors about the menopause: Many say they feel the change is something they just have to ‘put up with’

Article by Ben Spencer for Mail Online More than two in five women said symptoms were worse than expected Over a third confessed they felt they just had to put up with menopause Doctors warned women are missing out on … Continue reading

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Bloated or suffering from IBS? Try the FODMAP diet: Revolutionary plan ‘significantly reduces symptoms’

Article written by Anna Hodgekiss for Mail Online Diet is based on cutting out foods that contain certain carbs and fibre  These can trigger embarrassing and painful symptoms in many with IBS Foods to avoid include bread, garlic, onions, some … Continue reading

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Herbs for Summer

Article on by Jane Garton Easy to grow and ideal for adding flavour to cooking, here’s our pick of the bunch for health. Fresh herbs at your fingertips are among the best things about summer. Grow them in a … Continue reading

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