GP, Dr Mike Dixon, recommends herbal medicines for colds and depression

Dr Michael Dixon
Taken from feature in Daily Mail by Helen Foster

Dr Mike Dixon, a GP in Cullompton, Devon, and chairman of the College of Medicine, says he is a ‘fan’ of herbal medicines because they are ‘safe, help to encourage self-care by patients and, in cases such as mint and aloe vera, can be grown by the patients themselves, making them virtually free’.

‘My go-to remedy in the cold season is a herb called pelargonium, which I take as soon as I feel a cold coming as it prevents the virus replicating,’ he says.

‘I also use mint tea for indigestion and make a remedy from the lemon balm that grows in my garden to help me sleep. You just put five leaves in a cup of boiling water and leave it to brew. The remedy I most commonly suggest to patients, though, is St John’s wort. There is strong evidence that it helps in tackling mild to moderate depression. It is also a potential treatment for long-term tiredness.

‘It can interfere with the contraceptive Pill and some other medications – but it’s definitely something that I suggest patients should consider.’

Before taking St John’s wort, check with your pharmacist or GP.

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