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How can I get rid of back pain without the need for taking strong painkillers?

Taken from article in The Mirror by Matthew Barbour State registered dietician Sian Porter says the herbal medicine Devils Claw can be “outstanding” for back pain. Subjects who took up to 700mg of Devils Claw daily experienced a greatly reduced … Continue reading

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GP who swears turmeric helps ease aches

Taken from feature in Daily Mail by Helen Foster Dr Uzma Ali, an NHS GP who also works at the Integrated Medical Centre in London, explains that as a child she was always given a glass of warm milk with … Continue reading

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GP, Dr Mike Dixon, recommends herbal medicines for colds and depression

Taken from feature in Daily Mail by Helen Foster Dr Mike Dixon, a GP in Cullompton, Devon, and chairman of the College of Medicine, says he is a ‘fan’ of herbal medicines because they are ‘safe, help to encourage self-care … Continue reading

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Professor George Lewith recommends Devil’s Claw for Joint Pain

Taken from feature in Daily Mail by Helen Foster Professor Lewith, a complementary medicine researcher from Southampton University, says that before having hip replacements for arthritis he uses the herb, Devil’s Claw, as a remedy for joint pain. Read full … Continue reading

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Dealing with childhood coughs and colds

Feature on Just as I thought the better weather was upon us here and we could bid farewell to winter colds, two of the children have come down with a nasty cough and cold. I am not a fan … Continue reading

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