New ways to manage migraine – including MigraHerb Migraine Relief Capsules

MIgraHerb NEW pack right facing
Excerpt from feature in Prima magazine by Karen Evennett

One in five women suffers migraines – but there are new ways to tackle the pain.

If you’ve ever rolled your eyes when a workmate has called in sick with a migraine, or a friend has asked you to pick up her child from school because she needs to lie in a darkened room, consider yourself lucky. You may have skipped the migraine gene, which affects 20% of us, and will never have to experience the pain and nausea that accompanies an attack.

Still commonly dismissed as ‘just a headache’, migraines are one of those conditions that are widely misunderstood. But the millions of sufferers in the UK – most of them women (blame it on hormones) – know they’re anything but. The excruciating head pain, often accompanied by flashing lights and nausea, can last up to 72 hours.

Herbs and homeopathy

“Try butterbur and feverfew”, says charity Migraine Action. These performed well in trials on patients experiencing around five migraine days a month. Try Schwabe Pharma MigraHerb (Feverfew), £8.19 for 30 capsules, Holland and Barrett.

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