Natural ways to boost your mood – try KarmaMood St John’s Wort

KarmaMood MS 3D
Article in Yours Magazine by Charlotte Haigh MacNeil

Say goodbye to the winter blues and hello to a happier, healthier you

Meet the expert: Sam Challis is information manager at mental health charity Mind (

If your mood tends to decline in the winter, the chances are you’re feeling at your lowest right now. “Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) usually begins in the autumn, but as time goes on and the miserable weather and short, dark days continue you might start feeling worse,” says Sam Challis of mental health charity Mind.

This time of year is peak SAD season – but you don’t have to let the blues overwhelm you – there are lots of things you can do to lift your spirits.

Steps for feeling brighter

try the herb St John’s wort, which has been shown to help ease mild to moderate depression – try Schwabe KarmaMood Maximum Strength, £15.49/30, from Holland & Barrett or for special discounted prices.

See your GP before taking vitamin supplements or herbal remedies, particularly if you take prescribed medicines as they may interact with these. Always speak to your GP before stopping any medication or before starting any diet or exercise regime.

Read full article here

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