Why back pain’s most likely to strike before lunchtime… and being tired when lifting or moving something triples the risk

Back pain
Article in Daily Mail by Jenny Hope

– Research shows we are most vulnerable to back pain from 7am to noon
– Tiredness when moving or lifting triples the risk of putting your back out
– Having sex or drinking alcohol were not linked with unexpected back pain
– Taking part in moderate or vigorous physical activity raised risk three-fold

Most of us have experienced it – you’re going happily about your day when, without warning, your back begins to bother you.

Now researchers have discovered when sudden attacks of back pain are most likely to strike – and the answer is before lunchtime.

Being distracted when doing something physical increases the risk of pain 25-fold, according to the first study of its kind.

Being tired when lifting or moving something triples the risk, and being in an awkward position increases the chances eight-fold.

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