Stressed? Walking or cycling to work ‘calms you down’ (travelling by bus or train is also better than driving)

Road rage
Article in the Daily Mail

– Swapping the car for walking or cycling to work makes people calmer
– Study also finds the longer people spend walking, the happier they are
– Commuting by train or bus also improves well-being compared with driving

Walking to work reduces stress and improves brain power, researchers say.

Adults who swapped the car and started walking or cycling became calmer and found it easier to concentrate.

A study of 18,000 Britons also found that commuting by train or bus improved well-being compared with driving.

Lead researcher Adam Martin, from the University of East Anglia’s Norwich Medical School, said that despite the crowds and disruption, walking to bus stops or stations and being able to relax on the journey ‘cheers people up’.

Two-thirds drive to work, 18 per cent use public transport, 11 per cent walk and three per cent cycle.

The study, published in the journal Preventive Medicine, also found the longer people spent walking or cycling, the happier or less stressed they were.

However, stress levels and inability to concentrate worsened if they spent more time in the car.

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From Stressed to Zest… with a little help from nature

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