Vitano Rhodiola Tablets recommended for treating Jet Lag

Vitano 16s PP right facing
Article in The Star’s TV Extra magazine

Your worst travel worries sorted….

Jet Lag

We all think that jet lag is inevitable if we travel to long haul destinations like Australia, but there are ways to avoid its punishing effects. “It’s advisable to avoid rich food, alcohol and caffeine on the journey” says Moyra Cosgrove, nutritionist. “Drinking plenty of water is sensible and, on arrival, avoid sleeping until the normal bedtime at your destination”.

Angela Chalmers, a pharmacist for Boots adds: “On long trips it is important to rest during the journey. The quality of sleep is more important than the length – just 20 minutes can be enough”.

We recommend: Vitano Rhodiola (£13.99 for 30 tablets, – or less at has a natural ingredient, rhodiola rosea or golden root, which has an anti-fatigue effect.

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