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Vitano Rhodiola Tablets recommended for treating Jet Lag

Article in The Star’s TV Extra magazine Your worst travel worries sorted…. Jet Lag We all think that jet lag is inevitable if we travel to long haul destinations like Australia, but there are ways to avoid its punishing effects. … Continue reading

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Kelsey-Beth Crossley: Bread and Curries were to blame for my bloated tum and how I turned to nature for relief

Article in the Daily Express by Pat Hagan Actress Kelsey-Beth Crossley explains how she finally discovered the real cause of the digestive discomfort that had troubled her for years. Like most people who live a healthy lifestyle, Kelsey-Beth Crossley still … Continue reading

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GPs dishing out MORE antibiotics just to treat colds: Number given treatment by doctors rose by 40 per cent between 1999 and 2011

Article in the Daily Mail by Jenny Hope – Study found that up to 51% of patients given antibiotics for minor illness – Some surgeries gave the drugs to two thirds of cough and cold sufferers – Colds are usually … Continue reading

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14 Common Migraine Triggers

Written by Dale Kiefer Medically Reviewed on 09 May 2014 by Kenneth R. Hirsch, MD The exact cause of migraine is not fully understood, but doctors and healthcare providers do know that many factors can induce a migraine. If you’re … Continue reading

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