Top tips for minimising Summer Migraines

Article posted on by Teri Robert

It is a scientifically established fact that, warm weather is a vital trigger for migraines. Out of all the weather conditions, temperature is the major trigger and every 5 degree Celcius increase in the temperature, raises the headache risk by 7.5%. It is summer season again and incidences of migraine attacks are going to increase. Summers are a tough time to cope with, as are other extreme weather conditions. For people with migraine, coping, becomes tougher as summers converge high temperature and other triggers and makes it tough for people prone to migraines. By adopting these under listed simple tips, these triggers can be avoided to turn summers into an exciting season.

Keep Hydrated – This is important all year, but especially in the summer. You may hear or see news reports warning about dehydration and heat stroke. Heed them. Dehydration is a major headache and Migraine trigger for many people. WHAT you drink can make a difference, too. Large quantities of carbonated soft drinks or regular iced tea, although summer favourites, have a great deal of caffeine. Lemonade is super unless citrus is a Migraine trigger for you or your stomach is sensitive to all the acid. Water is always a good choice!

Be respectful and careful of the sun… Summer sun can be one of our worst enemies, and I’m not talking about sunburn, even though that can be a problem. Too much time in the summer sun is another serious headache and Migraine trigger. That doesn’t mean we have to stay indoors. Try hats with broad brims that keep sun off your neck and upper chest and back as well as your face. You can also cool yourself down with a spray bottle of water or a cold, wet bandanna around your neck.

Beware of fragrance in summer products… Are you sensitive to fragrances and/or other odours? Remember that when shopping for sunscreen, insect repellent, and other summer products. Look for fragrance-free products. If you’re not sure about chemical names listed in the ingredients, your pharmacist may be able to help you.

Don’t get caught without your sunglasses… Summer can be tough on the eyes. Invest in some good sunglasses. Polarized lenses are great because, in addition to darkening, they cut glare. If you can go for optical grade lenses, do. They aren’t as likely to produce distortion as inexpensive sunglasses. Still troubled by light from around your glasses? Try a baseball cap or another type of hat to block out the sun that comes in from above the sunglasses.

Plan Ahead… Plan ahead so stress doesn’t bring on tension headaches or exacerbate your Migraine triggers. When cooking, cook big batches and freeze meals. Make lists. Delegate chores to family members. Make travel reservations well in advance. Be sure your car is serviced before traveling. Mark prescription refill times on your calendar so you don’t run out of meds. MAPP your Migraines and put your Migraine bag together so your headache and Migraine needs are already put together for easy traveling.

Don’t skimp on time for yourself…Too often, we’re so busy taking care of our families or thinking about our jobs that we put off taking time for ourselves. If we’re not at our best, how can we give our best? Take time to relax. Look around your home to see how it could be more “headache and Migraine friendly.” Do your best to take at least 30 minutes of me time each day. This will help you stay healthier, and staying healthier will help your body resist headache and Migraine triggers.

Help prevent migraines and their severity with MigraHerb – a traditional herbal medicine used for the prevention of migraine headaches containing 100 mg of Feverfew herb per one-a-day capsule. It is recommended that you take it continuously for up to 12 weeks for maximum benefit. For more information and special prices visit

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