We’re more stressed at HOME than we are at work: Juggling household chores means a day at the office seems easier in comparison

6 armed lady with new head Hi
Article in the Daily Mail by Daniel Bates

– Preparing meals and getting children ready for school is key stress culprit
– Levels of stress hormone cortisol in saliva soared in home environment
– Women are more affected by stress in the home than men
– This is because they often still do the majority of the housework
– In the office, we feel appreciated by colleagues and more relaxed

We are now more stressed out at home than at work because of the rising demands on our personal lives, a study has found.

Getting the family ready in the morning and cooking dinner in the evenings leaves us so anxious that we find it hard to cope.

But being in the office by comparison seems like bliss because we feel appreciated by our colleagues.

The U.S. study found that men reported feeling happier overall at home – but women said by a significant margin that they were most comfortable behind their desks.

The researchers said this is because women are still doing a bigger share of the housework than men – despite advances in equality.

The findings suggest that rather than dreading going back to work on Monday morning, many people could shudder on a Friday afternoon – when they have to spend the whole weekend at home

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