The guide to perfect sleep – top experts share their best slumber tips and tricks

Feature in the Daily Express

AVOID stimulants and keep your room dark. For more tips and tricks to ensue you get the perfect night’s slumber are available from leading experts:

Paul Tierney is an ear, nose and throat consultant at the Spire Hospital Bristol
Professor Gaby Badre is an expert in sleep medicine and specialist in clinical neurophysiology and chronobiological disorders. He is also a consultant at the London Clinic and medical director of the BOC Sleep Centre
Jason Ellis is Professor in psychology at Northumbria University and director of the Northumbria Centre for Sleep Research

Read their expert advice here

For the Sleep you Dream of – try a natural alternative

NEW Bonuit, which combines the powerful combination of Valerian and Passion flower is a natural alternative to sleeping tablets without the nasty side-effects normally associated with prescibed medications. The Passion flower acts as a calming element helping you to get off to sleep more easily and the Valerian helps to sustain sleep. There are no “hangover” effects upon waking and results are best after 1-2 weeks of continual use. For more information visit Always read the label.

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