Beat The Winter Blues with KarmaMood St John’s Wort….

Article in Take a Break magazine 27th February.

You’re finding it harder to drag yourself out of bed in the morning – especially Mondays. You’re not interested in sex with your partner, and you don’t fancy seeing your friends.

On top of everything else, you are gaining weight because you’re raiding the biscuit tin more often than usual.

If this sounds like you, you could have the winter blues.

It is thought that two million people in the UK suffer from what is known medically as SAD – seasonal affective disorder. And it’s not surprising.

When it’s cold and wet, most of us are happier spending time indoors watching TV or tapping away on our phones and tablets.

But this can mean that our bodies don’t get enough natural light to produce the hormones we need to feel alert and happy.

What worked for me

Fliss Newman, 25, of Hove, East Sussex, says “During the last long, dark winder it was hard to find the motivation at weekends to get up and do things.

“Sometimes I’d spend the day watching films in my pyjamas and feeling sorry for myself.

“Then I found a website – – that recommended using brighter lights indoors or taking a St John’s Wort supplement.

“When the nights began to close in last winder, I started taking a herbal remedy called KarmaMood which contains maximum-strength St John’s Wort.

“Although bad weather and darker days are still no fun, they don’t affect me the way they did last year. I’ve fully recovered by get up and go”.

Visit for further tips and advice. If your symptoms are so bad that you can’t live a nornal life, see your GP for medical help that might include counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) or antidepressants.

For more information and special prices on KarmaMood Maximum Strength St John’s wort, visit Also available in Boots and Holland & Barrett. Always read the label.

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