Got a good work-life balance? HALF of employees say they haven’t – and 40% admit they’re ‘unhappy’

stress at work
Article in the Daily Mail by Emma Innes

– Half of adults think their stress levels have risen in the last year
– A third of people are consumed by thoughts of work from the minute they wake up – one in four only stop thinking about it just before they go to bed
– One in five workers don’t manage to make dinner until after 9pm
– 40% of women and a third of men rely on sugar and caffeine to get them through their working day

Juggling a successful career, demanding children and a social life can be a struggle.

As a result, it is perhaps little surprise that one in two adults in Britain feel they have an uneven work-life balance.

A study into the health and happiness of 2,000 men and women revealed half felt their lives were too focused on work and four in ten were unable to describe themselves as happy.

They said working long hours, eating a poor diet and lack of sleep had taken a toll on their day to day wellbeing.

Worryingly, more than half said their stress and anxiety levels had risen in the last 12 months as they struggled to find the right balance between work and family life.

Results showed one third of people were consumed by thoughts of work from the minute they woke up, while one in four said they only stopped thinking about work last thing at night.

The inability to switch off is having repercussions with more than half the respondents saying their work life has impacted their personal relationships and in some cases led to poor health.

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