Sonia’s slimming secret: EastEnders actress Natalie Cassidy’s weight loss trick….Thisilyn Artichoke!

natalie 4Article in the Daily Star by Ella Buchan

Natalie Cassidy has revealed how she slimmed down for her return to EastEnders.

The 29-year-old recently returned to the soap as Sonia Fowler after a seven-year hiatus, to sort out troubled sister Bianca and mum Carol.

“I have been every shape from a big 16 to a size 6 and I’ve really struggled with my weight over the years” said Natalie.

And the Celebrity Big Brother star has had a complete life and body overhaul.Far from the frumpy, trumpet playing, troubled teen who first appeared in the soap in 1993, Natalie is now a svelte size 10.

And she says her secret weapon is a tablet containing artichoke, which helps to beat the bloat.

The mum of one was recently pictured out with daughter Eliza, three, holding a packet of Thisilyn Artichoke.

The tablets contain Cynarin, extracted from the leaves at the blade of the globe artichoke plant, which contains the highest concentration of the active constituents.

For more information and special prices visit Always read the label.

Full article here

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