How to beauty detox like a celebrity

natalie 3
Article in by Taryn Davies

Celebrities always manage to look their best, whether on the red carpet or running to the shops, so here’s how to beauty detox like a celeb and get your skin looking its best.

We’ve got tips from Natalie Cassidy, Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Lawrence and Anna Friel to name a few to ensure you’re looking your best.

Slimming secret

Natalie Cassidy , who has recently returned to Eastenders, has a little help from nature to stay slim: “In my pursuit to drop a dress size, I discovered a natural supplement called Thisilyn Artichoke, which has been shown to help beat the bloat, alongside a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Thisilyn Artichoke (£7.99 for 30 capsules from Boots and Holland & Barratt) contains Cynarin, extracted from the leaves at the blade of the globe artichoke plant, which contains the highest concentration of the active constituents. For more information and special prices visit Always read the label.

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