Helpful Tips to Prevent Winter Migraines, including Feverfew herb

Courtesy of Christine Bude Nyholm, Yahoo Contributor

Migraine headaches may be triggered by weather changes in some people. According to the Mayo Clinic website, there are studies that indicate that some people with migraines appear to be sensitive to weather changes. The winter months, with the changes in temperatures, humidity and barometric pressure may be a migraine trigger for sensitive people.

Migraines are chronic headaches that can last for days. There is not cure for migraines, but some medications can break the pain cycle. Since migraine headaches cause so much misery, prevention is a wise step to take. Consult a physician for correct diagnoses and medication.The reasons that weather changes might cause migraines is not clear. The weather change may cause changes in the oxygen level, which causes the blood vessels to expand and contract.

In the case of winter, or weather related migraines, there are some simple steps that can help prevent the headache. The most important step is to keep the head and hands warm. Cover your head with a hat and/or scarf before going out into the cold. The neck should also be protected, so wrap a scarf around the neck, making sure that this sensitive area is protected from drafts. It may not look fashionable, but wrapping a scarf over the mouth and nostrils warms the air before breathing it in. The warmer air is not such a shock to the system and helps to prevent a headache from starting.

The extremities also need to be protected to prevent the headache. My doctor told my that cold hands can aggravate a headache, so wear gloves or mittens whenever you go out into the cold weather. If fact, you should dress warmly at all times in the cold weather. I even tuck my hands under the covers at night to keep them warm.

If the air in the house is dry you can humidify it with a humidifier or a vaporizer, to keep moisture in the air and make breathing easier. This might help lessen the effects of the changes in the atmosphere.

Dehydration can aggravate a headache, so drink water and/or hot tea so you get enough fluids during the winter time.

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Try Feverfew to help prevent migrane attacks

The herb Feverfew has been used for centuries to prevent the onset of migraines. MigraHerb, containing Feverfew, has been shown to both lessen the frequency and severity of attacks. For best results, one MigraHerb capsule should be taken daily for four to six weeks. For more information and special prices visit Always read the label

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Changes in sleep patterns and missed meals can also have an effect on our health and cause severe migraines. If you are aware of what is making you have migraines, whether this be missed meals, lack of sleep or change in weather conditions, make sure you are treated for the correct cause.

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