Feeling glum? Well it is Blue Monday: Rain, debt and divorce make today the worst day of the year

Article in the Daily Mail by Sam Webb

– Web analysis shows today is glummest day as millions return to work
– Social media stats shows Britons fret over lack of sleep and willpower
– Gripes about weather also spike in early January

You’ve finished all the mince pies, the weather is terrible, Christmas ended up being horribly expensive and most of us are back to the daily grind.

So it wouldn’t come as a surprise if you had started to feel down in the dumps.

But don’t worry, you aren’t alone, because today is Blue Monday – supposedly the most miserable day of the year.

Blue Monday was originally identified in 2005 by academic Cliff Arnall, who thought it fell on the last full week of January.

He calculated the date using a variety of factors including weather conditions, debt levels, failed New Year’s resolutions and the number of days that had elapsed since the end of the Christmas holidays.

But over the past three years, researchers analysed more than 2million tweets posted by Britons in January looking for negative language and phrases indicating a drop in mood.

They found that today, there will be nearly five times the average number of tweets relating to guilt, as people abandon their promises to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

The analysis, by drinks company Upbeat, also found complaints about the weather will be six times higher than usual – and men will feel more miserable than women

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