Otolaryngologist Dr. Benjamin Asher recommends Kaloba to treat colds!

Article on http://www.yourwellness.com

Natural methods to prevent and fight a cold

Not long ago, it seemed that zinc and echinacea were the only cold-fighting supplements on drugstore shelves. Now, there are so many natural immune boosters available that choosing among them can be daunting. We asked the experts we trust most – including Dr Benjamin Asher, an integrative doctor — to nominate their all-time MVPs. The result: an arsenal of products and strategies to get you through the season of stuffy noses and scratchy throats.


One of Asher’s favorite cold fighters is Umcka (marketed in the UK as Kaloba), a derivative of the plant Pelargonium sidoides, which has antiviral, antibacterial, and immune-boosting properties. “It’s natural, and multiple research studies have shown that it is an effective treatment for sinus infections and bronchitis,” says Asher. Try Schwabe Kaloba Syrup, Oral Drops or Tablets http://www.kaloba.co.uk

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