Mischa Barton: How childhood nightmares left me suffering for years with insomnia…until she discovered Bonuit

mischa barton
Feature in the Daily Mirror on 19th December by Nick McGrath

The actress tells The Daily Mirror how making changes to her lifestyle have helped to put her bad times behind her by improving her sleep and work.

Reformed Hollywood party girl and one-time star of TV drama The O.C. Mischa Barton, 27, has ­struggled with insomnia-fuelled anxiety for 15 years. Here the London-born actress, who lives in Los Angeles, reveals how she copes and the changes she’s made to improve her problem.

As a really young child I was always a good sleeper. But ever since my early teens at high school I’ve had sleep issues, and there was ­definitely a bit of insomnia from that point.

In my line of work, sleep really matters. You want to be as on top of it as possible when you’re filming, which means getting to sleep as quickly as you can and being as functional as you can the next day.

Over the years I’ve tried all sorts of methods – aromatherapy, reflexology, various relaxation techniques, making sure the lighting is right and the bed is as ­comfortable as it can be. ­

Sometimes I’ll take a light sleep aid like Bonuit, which is a herbal remedy with no side effects.

I don’t like to take things that aren’t natural or that have a hangover effect and stay in the system too long, so Bonuit has been like a dream for me – no pun intended.

I don’t like to take anything stronger like Ambien or anything ­pharmaceutical as they can knock you out to the point where you can’t wake up properly and your acting can be affected.

I’ve been sleeping more so I’ve felt more rested, and the last few films I’ve done have gone smoothly.

I know sleep and rest are very closely tied to emotional and mental health and I’m feeling much less stressed and pretty chilled out at the moment.

Mischa Barton uses Bonuit® Sleep Aid, a traditional herbal medicinal product used to relieve sleep disturbances due to symptoms of mild anxiety. Available from Holland & Barrett or http://www.bonuit.co.uk. Always read the label.

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