Sort that Cold by Christmas!

sarah jarvis
Article in My Weekly by Dr Sarah Jarvis

Steer clear of the seasonal blight by taking extra care of yourself – here’s how.

Even though it may be “just a virus” where antibiotics won’t help, the average cold can wreck your Christmas. What’s more with so may folk getting together to socialise (and breathing in each other’s germs) in the run up to the festive season, Christmas is a peak time for coughs and colds. Worse still, coughs and colds can sometimes develop into more serious infections.

In the run-up to the holidays, you may be busier than ever. But if you want to maximise your chances of being in good health for the big day, make sure you find time to look after yourself.

There’s good evidence that people who exercise regularly and have a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables are less likely to catch colds. Getting enough sleep helps, too.

There’s much debate over whether (and if so, when) vitamins and supplements help ward off or relieve the symptoms of colds. Some people swear by high-dose vitamin C, but evidence for its effectiveness is shaky. Others take Echinacea either throughout the winter or when they have a cold. Some of the best evidence seems to be for Kaloba, a herbal extract from a South African geranium, available from your pharmacist.

For more information visit Tablets now available in handy 16s pocket packs (5 days supply). Always read the label.

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