Your festive survival guide: seasonal supplements from Schwabe

Adapted from article on by Annabel Saladino

Rounds of merry-making, rich food and the stress of the build-up can leave you feeling less than sparkling when Christmas Day arrives, so take the right supplement to ensure you enjoy the celebrations to the full.

Maintain energy levels

There is much to love about Christmas time, but the preparations can take their toll on your precious energy supplies. Rhodiola could be the answer. “It belongs to a group of herbs known as adaptogens,” explains medical herbalist Peter Conway. “This term refers to an ability to enhance energy, endurance and stress control – so taking a ginseng supplement can help us manage increased demands and fatigue.” Follow the recommended dose on the product and use it for a couple of weeks in the run-up to Christmas. Try Vitano tablets, now available in handy 16 tablet Pocket Packs.

Keep a clear head

The spicy mix of cloves and cinnamon can make it hard to resist that extra glass of mulled wine – and at Christmas many of us drink more than we usually do. So take a leaf from times gone by. “Milk thistle is a herb with a long-held reputation for supporting the liver because it helps it remove the toxins that are caused by alcohol overload,” explains medical herbalist Dee Atkinson of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. Take the supplement over a few weeks if you have a lot of parties, or try a dose before a night out, she advises. Try Thisilyn Milk Thistle capsules, available in two strengths.

Stave off stress

When you have a lengthy to-do list and many people to keep happy, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of Christmas – it’s no wonder that December is widely acknowleged as one of the most stressful times of year. To help deal with the tension, try a traditional herbal remedy such as passion flower. “It’s a gentle herb that can be taken daily in the weeks before Christmas,” Dee Atkinson says. “It is best used over a period of a few weeks, both to help manage stress and to prevent it building up.” B vitamins also have an important role in supporting the body during times of anxiety. “You can boost their levels by including dark green leafy vegetables, lean poultry and wholegrains in your diet,” says Linia Patel of The British Dietetic Association. Try RelaxHerb.

Soothe your stomach

Too much turkey and a seemingly endless procession of mince pies can all conspire to cause indigestion and heartburn. Both Artichoke and Turmeric are well known digestion aids and can be taken as a preventative before rich meals, as well as a curative if any symptoms arise. Try Thisilyn Artichoke or Thisilyn Turmeric Xtra which combines these two natural ingredients.

Enjoy a good night’s rest

Late nights spent wrapping presents can knock your usual sleep routine off kilter. “There is a significant amount of research that shows valerian can help to combat insomnia, without causing drowsiness during the day,” says Dr Chris Etheridge. Experts believe it may modulate certain receptors in the nervous system in a way that aids sleep and reduces anxiety. Try Bonuit which combines Valerian with another calming herb, Passion flower – the gold standard of natural sleep aids.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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