Revealed: Why the menopause causes such awful mood swings – and it’s all down to parents’ genes FIGHTING each other

mood swing
Article in the Daily Mail by Fion MacRae

– Researchers from the UK and Japan discovered that a woman’s genes are conflicted during the menopause, resulting in side effects
– A woman’s paternal genes are pushing for an earlier menopause, while her maternal genes are trying to stall the process
– The research will be used to help the development of personalised contraception and preventative medicine for some cancers

At last women have someone to blame for the menopause – their parents.

Scientists claim that the hormonal mayhem is the result ‘genetic warfare’ between the DNA a woman inherits from her mother and that of her father.

One set of genes wants her to continue having children. The other wants her to stop.

The result is the hot flushes, mood swings, night sweats and other symptoms that go to make up the menopause.

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