Sheree Murphy admits – “I was exhausted all the time.” Then she discovered Vitano!

Sheree Murphy Emerdale
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As a mum to 22-month-old Dolly, Taylor, 12, Ruby, 10 and Matilda, five the actress, Sheree Murphy has finely honed her mutli-tasking skills.

“It’s truly full-on from the moment they wake up until the time they go to bed, but I always wanted a big family so I feel blessed that it happened for me,” she says with a smile.

The petite brunette, best-known for her character Tricia Dingle, has an apparently enviable lifestyle with a large house in Cheshire, large family, and handsome hubby in International footballer Harry Kewell.

Easy to assume, then, that life is all plain sailing for Murphy, 38 – until she reveals the last two years have been an emotional roller-coaster.

After she had her third child, Matilda, in 2008, and her husband was away playing in Turkey, Murphy suffered from exhaustion. As well as the stress of looking after three young children, she also has Thalassemia Trait, an inherited blood disorder which affect the body’s ability to create red blood cells.

“It means I’m prone to anaemia and have to be careful about my iron levels. I was quite poorly as a child before it was diagnosed,” says Murphy who takes Vitano, a traditional medicinal product used to relieve fatigue and exhaustion.

“I really struggled just after I’d had Matilda in 2008. I was continually exhausted and used to ring Harry up and cry down the phone because I felt I couldn’t cope. In the end, he persuaded me to get someone in to help for a few hours a day, and I started taking a supplement. Those two things made all the difference.”

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