We spend 2.5 YEARS of our lives battling colds – but can you separate the flu facts from fiction?

Article in the Daily Mail by Karen Kay, 19th November 2013

– It is not true that you should ‘feed a cold and starve a fever’ – regardless of what is wrong with you, your body needs plenty of nutrients to recover
– It is not true you can catch a cold by getting cold or wet – colds and flu are caused by viruses so you can only get them if you are exposed to the virus
– Having had a cold does not make you immune to further colds – you can still catch another one as there are about 200 known types of the cold virus
– Kissing does not pass on colds – they are not transmitted through direct contact but in particles expelled by coughs and sneezes

On average, people have a cough or cold for the equivalent of two and a half years of their lives.

And, every time you get knocked down with those all-too-familiar symptoms, it feels like it drags on for a lifetime.

From the simple irritation of a runny nose and the discomfort of a sore throat to the debilitating fallout of blocked sinuses and a fever, colds are, quite simply, horrible.

And it doesn’t help when well-meaning friends and family offer their pearls of wisdom relating to how you ‘caught the cold’ or what to do to fight it, when much of their so-called knowledge is simply hearsay.

So, check out our quick guide to the myths and facts on the common cold…

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