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What Doctors Don’t Tell You: Natural Remedies DO Work for cough & cold…..FACT

Article on “Natural Remedies for Adults” PELARGONIUM SIDOIDES The root extract of this South African plant, also known as Umckaloabo, is used as a cold and flu medicine under various brand names, including Kaloba and Umcka. When put to … Continue reading

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Sheree Murphy admits – “I was exhausted all the time.” Then she discovered Vitano!

Article on As a mum to 22-month-old Dolly, Taylor, 12, Ruby, 10 and Matilda, five the actress, Sheree Murphy has finely honed her mutli-tasking skills. “It’s truly full-on from the moment they wake up until the time they go … Continue reading

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We spend 2.5 YEARS of our lives battling colds – but can you separate the flu facts from fiction?

Article in the Daily Mail by Karen Kay, 19th November 2013 – It is not true that you should ‘feed a cold and starve a fever’ – regardless of what is wrong with you, your body needs plenty of nutrients … Continue reading

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Seven secrets of better sleep…. including taking NiteHerb!!

Article in the Daily Express by Laura Milne HAVE YOU ever gone to bed early with the intention of getting a good night’s kip, only to wake up more tired than you started? Or woken up feeling refreshed after only … Continue reading

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10% of Britons are ‘close to breaking point’ because of stress, with people in their 40s and 50s suffering the most

Article in the Daily Mail by Emma Innes – Almost half of British adults believe they are currently suffering from stress – A quarter of these people believe they are often close to breaking point – Nearly a third say … Continue reading

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