Why the return of the ‘nervous breakdown’ could be a GOOD thing!

Article in the Daily Mail by John Naish

– The disused term was long ago replaced by ‘depression’
– But there are crucial differences between the two conditions
– Those labelled ‘depressed’ when really suffering from a nervous breakdown are often prescribed powerful antidepressants
– These drugs often won’t work for them and can cause serious side-effects

Oprah Winfrey reportedly had one, Paul McCartney has revealed he narrowly avoided one, and Britain’s football referees claim they are at huge risk of suffering them.

Suddenly, everyone is talking about having ‘nervous breakdowns’. The term has long been discarded by mainstream medicine and replaced by the word ‘depression’. But the nervous breakdown seems to be fast coming back into vogue.

Now, in these anxious, highly pressured times, the idea of being pushed so hard the nervous system starts to break down seems to make sense – which means we might hear a lot more about ‘nervous breakdowns’.

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