It’s true: Women DO get more bloated than men – mainly because they have longer intestines. Try a natural solution!

Article in the Daily Mail by Anna Hodgekiss, 9th October 2013

– Dr Robynne Chutkan, a U.S. gastroenterologist, says women’s colons are on average 10cm longer than men’s
– May be to allow them to absorb more water or fluid during childbearing
– This means male colon is shaped like a horseshoe, whereas a woman’s is more ‘tangled’, making digestion more difficult
– Weaker abdominal walls due to hormone differences are also to blame

It is the bane of many a woman’s life – but something men often believe is a figment of the imagination.

Now, one U.S. doctor has declared that woman really do suffer more – largely because they have longer intestines.

Dr Robynne Chutkan, a gastroenterologist and founder of the Digestive Centre for Women in Washington D.C., explained to The Atlantic that there are major differences between the male and female digestive tracts.

Often, bloating is caused by irritable bowel syndrome, a condition that affects a staggering one in seven Britons (caused by an oversensitive gut, it leads to problems with bowel function and can trigger bloating, as well as cramps, constipation or diarrhoea).

While most people’s stomachs may swell just a couple of inches, others’ can actually double in girth in just one day, only to ‘deflate’ overnight until the next attack.

Other bloating triggers include chewing gum, antibiotics and stress.

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Beat the Bloat with Natural Herbs…

Studies suggest that Cynara, found in Artichoke leaves, help to reduce bloating caused by common digestive disorders. Thisilyn Artichoke is a herbal food supplement containing high strength Artichoke leaf extract. For more information and special prices, click here. Always read the label.

IBS sufferers also find that Artichoke combined with Turmeric helps to soothe their symptoms. Thisilyn Turmeric Xtra contains these two herbs and has been shown to be effective in treating IBS symptoms such as bloating, stomach cramps and indigestion. For more information and special prices click here. Always read the label.

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