Critics claim antidepressants are being handed out like sweets. Now a Daily Mail shocking experiment uncovers… The proof doctors are doling out happy pills to anyone who asks… but there IS a natural alternative!

happy pills

Article in the Daily Mail by Chloe Lambert.

Within ten minutes of telling her GP that she  was feeling anxious and was sleeping badly, Nicky Manning was walking out of the  consulting room with a prescription for antidepressants.

Not only was Nicky, a marketing executive  from Southampton, shocked by how quickly her doctor had diagnosed her with  depression but also by how easily she had been given a pack of Sertraline one of  the UK’s most commonly prescribed antidepressants.

It is an alarming snapshot of what appears to  be a national trend: our growing appetite for the pills.

Recent government figures revealed that more  than 50 million prescriptions for antidepressants were issued in England last  year.

That is almost one prescription for every  member of the population — up by 7.5 per cent on the previous year — with women  twice as likely to be prescribed antidepressants than men.

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There IS a natural alternative….

St John’s Wort, sometimes referred to as the “Sunshine Herb” has been used for centuries to enhance mood and is proven to be effective for mild to moderately depressed people.

KarmaMood St John’s Wort is available in normal and maximum strength and is a traditional herbal medicine to relieve the symptoms of low mood and mild anxiety.  For more information and special prices visit .  Always read the label.


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