Schwabe launches new Facebook page, new sleeping aid AND fantastic Autumn offers!

Schwabe Pharma is pleased to announce…..

– Schwabe Pharma UK Facebook page so that you can keep up with what’s going on in the world of herbal medicine. Take a look by visiting
– A unique combination of Valerian and Passion Flower traditional herbal medicine called Bonuit Sleep Aid. For more information visit
– Fantastic special offers across its range of high quality herbal medicines and supplements. Check these out by clicking here

Bonuit® Sleep Aid: for the sleep you dream of!

Most people will experience a sleep issue at some point in their life – often when they are feeling worried or stressed. These disturbances can last a few days, or in some cases can be a prolonged condition that interferes with quality of life, relationships and work.

Thankfully, a new licensed natural remedy is available, Bonuit® Sleep Aid, which uniquely combines two key ingredients used for the relief of sleep disturbances due to anxiety: Valerian and Passion Flower.

Sleep is an essential part of our physical and mental wellbeing. A lack of sleep can give rise to issues such as excessive tiredness, poor memory and concentration and low mood or anxiety. It is little known that, whilst some parts of the brain become unconscious in sleep, some parts are more active, aiding in muscle and joint recovery and in the production of cells for skin, blood and immunity .
For most adults, 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night is ideal, but many struggle to achieve this, with surveys suggesting as many as one in three people is affected by sleep disturbance . The issue is often associated with anxiety and, in turn, a lack of sleep will worsen feelings of anxiety. This chicken-and-egg scenario means it’s often difficult to know which problem came first.

In many cases, GPs prescribe sleeping tablets when other non-drug therapies have not worked, which resolve the symptoms, rather than the causes of sleep disturbance. These prescribed medicines can have unwanted side-effects and may cause dependency.

Prof. Mark Cropley, Professor of Health Psychology at the University of Surrey, is an expert in the effects of work stress on overall health, including sleep. He explains “Sleep is one of the most important restorative mechanisms available to humans, allowing for recovery from daily stresses and strains, and therefore good sleep is a prerequisite for optimal daily functioning and health. Sleep must be continuous for it to be restorative and sleep loss and sleep disturbance lead to performance decrements, fatigue, mood changes and immune function impairment. Valerian and Passion Flower have long been associated as natural remedies to aid sleep and improve sleep quality”.

Bonuit® Sleep Aid is a natural product that promotes healthy sleep and relieves anxiety, without the association of a wide-range of side effects. Plants have a long history of use to help reduce anxiety and encourage sleep independently, and these natural remedies are available as registered traditional herbal medicines.

Bonuit® Sleep Aid combines two key ingredients: Valerian (Valerinan officinalis) and high strength Passion Flower herb extract (Passiflora incarnataL.). Valerian (Valeriana officinalis L.) is known for its positive effect on sleep structure, helping achieve deeper levels of slow wave sleep . Passion Flower has traditionally been used for its benefits in reducing symptoms of stress, such as mild anxiety which can hinder the initial act of falling asleep! Each Bonuit® Sleep Aid tablet contains a unique formulation combining Valerian root extract Bonuit® Sleep Aid (priced at £9.99 for 30 tablets) is a traditional herbal medicinal product used for the temporary relief of sleep disturbances due to symptoms of mild anxiety, exclusively based on long-standing use as a traditional herbal remedy.

For maximum benefit, take Bonuit® Sleep Aid for at least two weeks, continuously. Always read the label.

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