The great health supplements con: How firms like Seven Seas and Vitabiotics exaggerate benefits of pills used by millions says Which?

Article in Daily Mail by Sean Poulter.

– Study found many of the claims made for products are not only exaggerated and misleading but may be unauthorised
– Manufacturers responded angrily to the Which? report by accusing the consumer group itself of misleading the public

The makers of big brand health supplements were yesterday accused of exaggerated and misleading claims for their benefits to heart health, joints and digestion.

Names such as Seven Seas and Vitabiotics tap into families’ health concerns, but many of their products fail to deliver the promises on the packaging, according to a study.

The health supplement industry is growing rapidly and now makes some £385million a year in the UK.

However, the study by experts at consumer group Which? – entitled Don’t Believe The Hype – found many of the claims made for these products are not only exaggerated and misleading, but may even be unauthorised

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Schwabe Pharma is the leading UK provider of traditional herbal medicines, all of which meet regulatory requirements in relation to quality, safety and packaging claims.

Why choose a traditional herbal medicine?

When an herbal product is registered under the Traditional Herbal Registration Scheme, it means it has undergone independent safety and quality assessment by the Government’s regulatory body, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Registration under this scheme means that:

– Herbal products are regulated and meet specific standards of safety and quality based on traditional usage
– Products are of pharmaceutical quality and are manufactured to European Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Guidelines
– All herbal medicines registered under this scheme have a THR certification mark and/or a nine digit registration number on their packaging starting with the letters THR

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