Holiday Health issues…. this week Alcohol!!!!

holiday wine
Article in the Daily Mail by Jenny Hudson, 20th August 2013

Holidays can play a “significant part” in people developing an alcohol dependency, warns Dr Neil Brener, a consultant psychiatrist at the Priory Hospital, North London.

“The problems comes not from the quantity of alcohol, but from the effct: the pattern is established of using alcohol as a method of relaxing and alleviating stress,” he says.

“A typical person at tisk will be in her 40s or 50s; she is a “plate spinner”, fulfilling several different roles and living a very stressful life. For her, the holiday provides an opportunity to start drinking wine much earlier than at home. In the relaxed, sunny climate, there seems no need to watch how much is drunk.

“At home, she might not continue with holiday drinking patterns, but when things become stressful, she has established a way of coping with it, by using alcohol” warns Dr Brener, a specialist in addiction treatment.

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