More than four cups of coffee a day puts you at risk of early death, claim experts

Article in Daily Mail by Jenny Hope

– High consumption ‘raises premature death chance in younger people’
– The findings come from a U.S. study of 43,727 individuals aged 20 to 87
– It’s suspected excessive consumption may adversely affect metabolism

If you’re already holding your first coffee of the morning, you might want to put it down.

Because drinking four cups a day could raise your risk of dying young, researchers warn – but only if you’re under 55.

They found that consuming 28 cups of coffee a week increases the chances of premature death in younger people by half.

The findings come from a large- scale American lifestyle study of 43,727 individuals aged 20 to 87.

The US researchers suspect excessive coffee consumption may adversely affect the body’s metabolism, outweighing some of the known health benefits.

Individuals with a ‘genetic coffee addiction’ may be prone to these harmful effects, they suggest.

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