A Five-Star Hotel may not be all that it seems….. beware of the Buffet!!

Article in Daily Mail by Jenny Hudson.

Almost half of all travel to far-flung destinations is undertaken by those aged 45 and older, a 2012 Mintel survey found.

“This age group usually chooses five-star accommodation, which can make you feel safe,” says Dr Richard Dawood, of the Fleet Street Clinic in London, a centre for travel medicine. “But research shows a five-star rating does not correlate with best hygiene – In fact, often the opposite can be the case.”

Be particularly cautious of buffets: “The buffet cutlery will have been handlined by many people and the food will have been standing for a long time,” says Dr Dawood.

He recommends travellers carry a kit containing three stages of diarrhoea treatment – oral rehydration sachets, diarrhoea relief tablets and for severe cases a supply of antibiotics.

Go herbal…… For digestive and bowel complaints try Thisilyn Artichoke (for bloating) or Thisilyn Turmeric Xtra (for stomach cramps). Always read the label.

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