Having a new baby reduces a FATHER’S sex drive because he too is ‘stressed and exhausted’. Answer?….try Vitano!

New Parents
Article in Daily Mail by Emma Innes – 1st August 2013

– New fathers experience a shift in their sex drive
– Not connected to the biological features of birth
– It is mainly caused by the stress and fatigue associated with looking after a newborn

New mothers may be anxious about making love for the first time after having a baby, but spare a thought for the father.

Experts claim dads may be just as worried about renewing sexual activity because they are often tired and feel sidelined by the new addition to the family.

Research shows almost one in five new fathers did not resume lovemaking for more than three months.

Read more here. Always read the label.

Vitano, containing Rhodiola rosea, is a traditional herbal medicine used for the temporary relief of symptoms of stress such as fatigue, exhaustion and mild anxiety. There is also evidence that Rhodiola rosea can increase the sex drive of both men and women! For more information and special prices visit www.vitano.co.uk.

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