Hangovers don’t just cause nausea and headaches – they make you STUPID, too!

Article in Daily Mail, 1st August by Rachel Reilly.

– Researchers have discovered that a hangover can significantly affect a person’s ‘working memory’, making mental arithmetic much more difficult
– Also found that symptoms of the morning-after-the-night-before can give a 20-year-old the reaction times of a 40-year-old
– Other research has shown that contrary to popular belief, hangovers do not worsen with age

Hangovers don’t just induce nausea, a thumping headache and the pallor of corpse, they make you stupid too, according to new research.

Experts have discovered that the hangover – technically the symptoms left behind after alcohol levels in the blood return to zero – impairs brain function.

Their findings suggest that a big night out can last far longer than the time it takes to regain sobriety and can affect what experts refer to as the brain’s ‘working memory’.

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Milk Thistle has long been associated as a natural hangover reliever and liver regenerator.

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