31 ways to get your waist back! And coming in at No.10 is Vitano Rhodiola!!!

Vitano 30s cut out
Article from Bestdaily.co.uk published on 30th July 2013

Try these tips and get your waistline down to at least 2 inches

A waistline of less than 31in lowers your risk of health problems, including heart disease and diabetes.

Try at least 10 of these tips for the next month – including the first three – and you could drop up to 2 inches round your waist!

1. Reduce the amount of calories you eat each day by 500. Fewer calories = less fat.

2. Ban starchy carbs – bread, pasta, cereal and rice. Can’t do it totally? Have one or two carb-free meals a day.

3. Do up to 45 minutes of cardio that leaves you out of puff at least three times a week – doing it for longer can be linked to an increase in belly fat.

10. Stay calm! Stress is strongly associated with belly fat. Herbal supplement Vitano, £13.27, helps buffer your body against stress.

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For more information and special prices on Vitano Rhodiola, visit www.vitano.co.uk

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