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Nearly 9 MILLION Americans need prescription pills to sleep and older women are most likely to suffer insomnia, says study. Try NiteHerb Valerian herbal remedy!

Article in Daily Mail by Hugo Gye – 4% of all Americans take sleeping pills, according to new study – Women, older people and the well-educated are more likely to take drugs – Pill use seems to be rising due … Continue reading

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Can the size of your salary determine your quality of sleep?

Article from Medical News Today Occupation and pay has an effect on our quality of sleep, according to The Great British Bedtime Report from the UK’s Sleep Council. The research for the report was conducted using an online poll in … Continue reading

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Inability to deal with stress leaves us frustrated and anxious 234 times a year

Article in the Daily Mail – Over 1.3 million Brits admit feeling powerless and helpless more than 20 times a week – The new research reveals men and women are haunted by different issues – Traffic delays are main reason … Continue reading

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Why work really is a pain in the neck (and back) for one in four of us

Article in the Daily Mail – Quarter say work is responsible for backaches, sore necks and joint pain – One in six told survey that problems were caused by chair they use at work – And one in seven felt … Continue reading

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How we now sleep for just six hours and 41 minutes a night (and even LESS if you live in Coventry)

Article in Daily Mail by Martha De Lacey, 21st August 2013 – Recommended night’s sleep for an adult is 8 hours – Most adults in UK sleep for just 6 hours 27 minutes a night – And 27% get less … Continue reading

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The great health supplements con: How firms like Seven Seas and Vitabiotics exaggerate benefits of pills used by millions says Which?

Article in Daily Mail by Sean Poulter. – Study found many of the claims made for products are not only exaggerated and misleading but may be unauthorised – Manufacturers responded angrily to the Which? report by accusing the consumer group … Continue reading

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Holiday Health issues…. this week Alcohol!!!!

Article in the Daily Mail by Jenny Hudson, 20th August 2013 Holidays can play a “significant part” in people developing an alcohol dependency, warns Dr Neil Brener, a consultant psychiatrist at the Priory Hospital, North London. “The problems comes not … Continue reading

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