Thunderstorms can trigger Migraines. Prevent an attack with MigraHerb Feverfew

Taken from an article in today’s Daily Mail Good Health by Diana Pilkington.

If you’re prone to migraines, a thunderstorm may trigger an attack. As Dr Giles Elrington, medical director of the charity National Migraine Centre, explains: “In people with an underlying tendancy for migraines, any change in the environment, whether it’s diet, sleep or weather, can lead to a malfunction in the nervous system, and prompt an attack.

“Drops in air pressure, which occur just before thunderstorms, seem to be a particular trigger, although it’s not clear why. If a thunderstorm is coming and you have a tendancy towards migraines it’s not a good idea to then have a beer or skip lunch, as these are common triggers”.

Researchers in Cincinatti found that 28% of migraine sufferers were more likely to have an attack on days when lightening struck within 25 miles of their home.

Protect yourself from the onset of migraine with MigraHerb, a traditional herbal medicine containing Feverfew herb, used for the prevention of migraine headaches, for people who have a doctor’s diagnosis for this condition. For more information and special offers visit Always read the label.

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