Brain training helped me beat depression says Ruby Wax

Ruby Wax
Article taken from today’s Daily Express Your Health.

She has battled depression for most of her life and spent a small fortune on therapists but actress and comedian Ruby Wax says she’s finally conquered her demons by going back to university and exploring the neuroscience behind what makes our brains tick.

To fully understand how it works Ruby has completed a master’s degree in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) at Kellogg College, Oxford University. Mindfulness focuses on tuning in to thoughts and observing them rather than being driven by critical inner voices. It also teaches how with practice it is possible to rewire the way our brains work.

It has proven to be particularly effective at preventing relapses into depression marked by snowballing negativity. It’s a pattern Ruby, who has experienced bouts of depression for as long as she can remember, knows all too well.

Read the full article here

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