Planning to Celebrate the Royal Birth? Get some Thisilyn!!

As we await news of the Royal birth, many pubs and bars are getting ready to hang out the bunting so that we can celebrate with the odd drink or two and maybe some nibbles after work.

Most people won’t say no to the odd glass of wine or overindulgent spread from time to time, but come party season we inevitably consume even more food and alcohol – and we love to find any excuse to party!

As a result we put extra strain on our livers and digestive systems, and often suffer the misery of a hangover. Side-effects of a night of indulgence can make sufferers feel both mentally and physically exhausted the next day. For those looking for a natural solution, the Thisilyn® range could help. The family of products consists of three main herb groups, each tailored to help your body overcome the effects of overindulgence.

Thisilyn® Artichoke – Research has shown that within the leaves of the artichoke plant is a substance called Cynarin which is a powerful aid to healthy digestion. It helps to break down fats and reduce cholesterol accumulated over a day’s worth of binge eating. Belonging to the same botanical family as the milk thistle and the daisy, the artichoke is one of nature’s best-kept secrets when it comes to your digestive health. Thisilyn Artichoke has already racked up a few celebrity fans, such as Chelsee Healey and Natalie Cassidy, who has coined the term ‘Beat the bloat!’. For more information and special offers visit

Thisilyn® Turmeric Xtra – This product combines turmeric root extract with artichoke leaf extract, both of which show evidence of relieving irritable bowel symptoms , these include abdominal pain and cramping, a change in your bowel habits such as diarrhoea and constipation, bloating or swelling of your abdomen and excessive wind. For more information visit

Thisilyn® Milk Thistle – People are already cottoning on to the benefits of this natural remedy. In the weeks leading up to last New Year’s Eve, Tesco reported an 80% rise in sales of milk thistle . Milk Thistle contains an active ingredient called silymarin, which has been shown to help protect the liver from alcohol damage and premature ageing by helping to regenerate liver cells. For more information and special prices visit Available in both normal and maximum strength.

So if you’re planning to celebrate William and Kate’s first baby, spare a thought for your health and lessen the damage with Thisilyn®!

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