Celebs just LOVE Thisilyn Artichoke to help Beat the Bloat!

Thisilyn Artichokechelsee_healey

Feature in the Northern Echo July 2013

She’s known for playing a bolshy schoolgirl, but despite the onscreen bravado, Chelsee Healey has had to learn to be more assured in real life, she tells Keeley Bolger

CHELSEE HEALEY rose to fame as the insolent Janeece Bryant in BBC One’s prime time school-based drama Waterloo Road. Then she went on to glamorously shimmy her way to second place in Strictly Come Dancing.

But underneath the bubbly exterior and outer confidence, Chelsee, 24, says she is far from satisfied with her looks. “I’ve never been happy with my body and I’m not sure I ever will be, she says.

She went through a breast enlargement procedure when she was only 18 and admits: “I should have waited longer before making the decision. My build is so small and there are only certain things I can wear.”

Chelsee, a diminutive 5ft 1½in, has learnt to gain body confidence through alternative means. “I feel good when I’m working out,” she says. “The older I’ve got, the more care I take with my body. I feel better when I eat healthily.”

Apart from eating well (a weakness for Haribo sweets aside), she has been taking Thisilyn Artichoke capsules to help reduce bloating after eating.

Chelsee Healey uses Thisilyn Artichoke capsules, £7.99 for 30 tablets to overcome bloating caused by food. Available from Boots and direct from Schwabe.

For full article click here.

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