How can I help my hot flushes without HRT?

menoherbRosemary Leonard

Answered by Dr Rosemary Leonard, resident GP of the Daily Express and a practicing family doctor

Q. I HAVE been on HRT for more years than I care to think about but I’m 70 this year and the doctor has decided “no more” for health reasons.

He’s suggested evening primrose oil which I’ve been taking for five weeks. I could be taking Smarties for all the difference they have made to my hot flushes, which are dire.

Can you recommend anything else?

A HOT flushes occur at the time of the menopause due to falling oestrogen levels and unfortunately the same thing can happen when you come off HRT, which contains oestrogen.

I agree with your doctor that at 70 the increased risk of both breast cancer and blood clots means it’s not advisable to continue with HRT but I’ve never seen any evidence that evening primrose oil can help with flushes. However there is some evidence that the herbal remedy black cohosh can help ease menopausal flushes.

If you decide to try any herbal remedies buy properly registered products which have a quality and safety guarantee, such as MenoHerb. More info here

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