“My Corrie collapse forced me to change my diet”

Shobna GulatiLoose Woman and former Coronation Street actress, Shobna Gulati, reveals her health battles and wrinkle busting secrets…..

[An excerpt from Woman Magazine – 1st July 2013]

You were recently diagnosed with Coeliac disease, has it changed how you eat?
Yes, dramatically! As a child I suffered from stomach aches, but muddled through. It wasn’t until much later when I was filiming Corrie, I collapsed after having a plate of sandwiches and a couple of beers. I was diagnosed and now avoid wheat and gluten – it’s made a huge difference

Do you take supplements?
Over the years I have suffered from low mood at times and I’m quite an anxious person. I started taking KarmaMood, a St John’s Wort supplement, and I feel more confident and less stressed these days.

KarmaMood is available in Boots and Holland & Barrett. For special prices buy direct www.karmamood.co.uk

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