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Do you know what booze does to you?

Taken from today’s Sun, written by Christina Earle Most of us enjoy a drink, but we rarely wonder what our favourite tipples contain or are doing to our bodies. Yet the mere colour of a drink or where you guzzle … Continue reading

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TOO stressed to think about sex? Well, you’re not alone…

Taken from today’s Sun, an article written by Christina Earle… A survey by online pharmacy has revealed 25 per cent of women and a third of men suffer from low libido –with everyday pressures of 21st Century life mainly … Continue reading

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Weekly Wellbeing: Therapy Versus Medication To Treat Depression

Article taken from Huffington Post published on 21st June 2012 This has been quite the fortnight for depression. Last week we ran a feature on spotting the symptoms and what you need to know to help someone with depression, after … Continue reading

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Do you REALLY need antidepressants? Brain scan can tell whether medication or therapy is best option for depression

– Brain activity can indicate if therapy or medication will be more effective – Patients with low activity in anterior insula show improvement with CBT – People with high activity in the anteior insula do better with medication – Currently … Continue reading

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Adults today are self-obsessed and more stressed than those who lived through the Blitz, claims psychologist

– Psychologist Graham Price says British adults today are more self-obsessed – He claims they are more stressed than British adults were during the Blitz – Also believes people have forgotten how to ‘look on the bright side of life’ … Continue reading

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If coffee perks you up, you need to STOP drinking it: That pick-me-up shows you’re hooked

– Scientists differ on the effects of caffeine, but a new study reveals that… – Coffee-drinkers aren’t more alert than their caffeine-free counterparts – What’s more, regular consumption of tea and coffee leads to dependency For a natural energy boost … Continue reading

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Poor Sleep can lead to Work Injuries – new research suggests

Taken from WebMD UK Health News written by Sophie Ramsay (BMJ Group News) dated 13th June 2013 How did you sleep last night? It may affect how injury-prone you are at work today, with research showing that around 13 in … Continue reading

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