Happy – Wintery – Easter!

easter-chick     Well, this is not how we imagined Easter this year – it might as well be Christmas – but that’s how it is. We should be enjoying the warm weather and sunshine, and winter blues should be in the past, yet there is no sign of Spring. Let me share how to beat the blues, any lingering cold and stay on top of things and enjoy Easter in the company of family and friends………

It looks like there is only hope for sunshine, but if you would like to bring sunshine into your life there is a great herbal medicine to try. St John’s Wort is one of my favourite herbs when it comes to low mood and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This herb works really well and will certainly help you overcome any blues. There are certain prescription drugs that it is known to interact with, so check it before use. Also be careful when going into direct sun as it may cause sunburn-like lesions on the skin, but this is very rare. And where is the sun anyway?

In case you need something stronger and you are stressed at work and over Easter preparations they you may try to take some Rhodiola. This plant grows in high-altitude and cold countries that gives you an idea how resistant it’s going to make you. It also provides both physical and mental energy, so you will be the queen of Easter and this “gorgeous” spring.

If your body cannot cope with the constantly changing weather and you are keep on getting colds and coughing and sniffing all the time then there is a magic plant for you from South Africa. Pelargonium is a well researched herbal medicine that fights both virus and bacteria and moreover it helps you get rid of any phlegm and catarrh from the chest and nose or sinuses. It can also be given to children from 6 years of age. Always keep one in your natural pharmacy cupboard at home.

Last but not least, cook and eat amazing food, gather the family and friends and beat this cold and miserable weather and have a fabulous Easter full of joy and laughter. This is the best medicine. Hot cross buns on Good Friday, good for you. Full of dried fruit and spices, minus the sugar, but never mind. Pork or lamb on Sunday with all the vegetable trimmings. Meat and vegetables contain nutrients that you cannot live without so enjoy every bite without guilt. Even the pudding afterwards. And don’t forget the Ester eggs.

In case you need some digestive helpers try either Milk Thistle, Turmeric or Artichoke. These herbs help the digestion to work better whether you are bloating, have pain or cramping and just feel stuffed.

Now you are all set for the holiday. Happy Easter!

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