Check yourself out with our NEW Health Checks!

Check yourself out with our new health checks!

We have just added a brand new feature to the Schwabe Pharma website called Health Checks. Each Health Check covers a specific common minor ailment which herbal medicines and supplements may help to improve.

Each Health Check consists of a simple questionnaire with multiple choice answers. Once you’ve answered just eight simple questions, we will provide you with an overall score, together with helpful tips and advice.

We will be adding to the Health Checks section over the coming months, covering a wide variety of common health issues and advising you about the best herbal medicines and supplements to use to improve your health.

We have just launched the first six Health Checks which cover Back Pain, Low Mood, Menopause, Overindulgence, Sleep Problems and Stress.

Make sure you visit the Schwabe Pharma web site regularly as we’ll be adding more Health Checks in the future, in addition to great offers on our range of herbal medicines and food supplements.

IMPORTANT: Please note information given is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or replace the advice of a doctor or other healthcare professional. If you have any queries or are at all concerned or worried about your health, you should always seek advice from your doctor or other qualified health professional.

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